THE Ecostation® SOLUTION


Biofuel-compatible (including E 85)

Clemmer FIREGUARD® tanks are compatible with all retail fuels, including biodiesel and E-85 ethanol blend.

Environmentally Safe

Totally above-ground, the Ecostation® requires no digging, is virtually risk-free for the environment and will not have an impact on public health because there is no danger of groundwater contamination.

Totally above-ground

Modular Construction

Prefabricated to controlled specifications for on-site professional installation, the modular system readily permits addition of dispensers, a canopy or expanded storage capacity. The compact space-saving designs are transportable, relocatable and economical. This feature is sure to please prospective landlords and simplify negotiations on leased land installations.

Quality and workmanship are built into each modular component under controlled factory conditions. Testing of all mechanical and electrical systems is compliant with strict procedures and meets the UL2244 standard for Shop-Assembled Fuel Systems.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your Ecostation® in proper working order is simple. All parts are visible and accessible, so surprises are virtually eliminated and you save both time and money.

Tangible Value

Financing can be arranged for purchasers of this competitively priced asset. Initially, the Ecostation® is less costly on all fronts than a traditional underground system (the latter is a potential liability). The soft cost related to opening a station is greatly reduced. The costs of soil preparation and environmental testing are limited by the fact that no digging is required – a benefit that becomes even more important if there are complications with soil conditions. You will never have to deal with the unknown cost issue that arises when “it’s time to change those underground tanks”.

The inflation factor guarantees and protects your investment throughout the Ecostation®’s lengthy predictable life span, and allows you the benefit of a positive tax depreciation schedule. Intensive testing on fourteen of our stations in the past five years has proven that system operation is foolproof: as expected, no problems whatsoever were reported. That’s not exactly a huge surprise considering the team of open-minded professionals with decades of industry experience who contributed to the creation of the Ecostation®.


We’re Building a Better Station – From the Ground Up.


Fireguard tank

LEARN MORE about Clemmer Fireguard® tanks...

Clemmer Fireguard® tanks are built to the UL2085 standard for vehicle and ballistic impact, plus a two-hour fire rating. For added security, an invisible vehicle impact rail is built into the wall structure of the unit. Use of the Fireguard® tanks will in many cases enable shorter building-to-tank and tank-to-property line distances.


Vehicle Impact Rail

Vehicle Impact Rail



By optimizing tankage you minimize working capital


The system is currently designed for a maximum capacity of 65,000 litres (17,000 US gallons) per tank, and each tank can be sectioned into up to three compartments.


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