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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tank’s storage capacity?

The system is currently designed for a maximum capacity of 65,000 litres (17,000 US gallons) per tank, and each tank can be sectioned into three compartments (the smallest compartment being 15,000 litres/4,000 gallons). Capacity is where the Ecostation® really stands out as compared to a conventional underground system. With intelligent pre-planning, additional capacity can quickly be added without having to close the station – because with an Ecostation®, you don’t have to dig: you have a modular, plug-and-play solution.

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What is the surface area required to install an Ecostation® system?

This is very simple to establish with the Ecostation® solution. Our example uses three 65,000-litre (17,000 US gallons) tank modules, each with individual outside dimensions (including the invisible vehicle impact rail) of 3.65 metres by 12.80 metres (12 feet by 42 feet). Keeping in mind that modules must be at least one foot apart as required by code, for three tanks – a total capacity of 195,000 litres (51,000 US gallons) – the ground area required is therefore 144 square metres (1,600 square feet). That’s more than reasonable.

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Aren’t those big above-ground tanks pretty ugly to look at?

We don’t think so, and neither do our regular customers! In fact, we conducted a survey at various Ecostation® sites, and we were surprised more than once by the answers and comments we received.

Most people questioned – men and women combined – never noticed any differences in appearance or found anything unusual about the Ecostation®. When they were told it was the tank unit, all seemed surprised, with most saying they thought it was a conventional storage or car-wash facility.


Where is the Ecostation® built?

The Ecostation® is manufactured at the Clemmer Steelcraft Technologies* facility in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Because the system is 100% built in North America, all parts are readily accessible anywhere on the continent. Servicing the Ecostation® is simple, easy and economical. Compared to a standard system – well, there’s no comparison! For starters, you won’t have to call an excavation crew prior to installing your system.

*Clemmer Steelcraft Technologies Inc. has served the petroleum industry since 1923.


How much does it cost?

This question is easily answered if we have a specific request detailing size of unit, total fuel capacity required and type of fuel per compartment (three fuel types is the maximum suggested). The many component options available (such as dispensers, various types of electronic control devices, and the like) can dramatically influence the pricing of any type of installation. Generally speaking, we can assure you that our product will be more economical to purchase and install than any standard underground system with the same fuel capacity and the same options.

Please see our Advantages page for more details.


Can it be relocated?

By all means. Another exclusive feature of the Ecostation® is its modular construction. This design allows it to be disassembled and moved to a new location just as easily as it was transported and installed in the first place. Several of our systems have been relocated in response to changing market conditions.






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