THE Ecostation® SOLUTION


Advantages That Make All the Difference


Site Preparation

With an Ecostation® system, there’s no digging into the unknown. All components are installed above ground.

Environmental Concerns

The primary design concern in developing the Ecostation® was addressing the issue of environmental safety. We set out to make a fueling system that is as environmentally safe as possible. And we’ve succeeded.


With the Ecostation®, performing total system maintenance is vastly simplified. Technicians can see and access all parts and components without having to dig. This feature naturally encourages adherence to a serious maintenance schedule.

System Quality

The Ecostation®’s custom-engineered system modules are manufactured and assembled in a controlled environment to strict production control schedules. This ensures on-time delivery to site as well as specific quality control procedures on all fabricated, mechanical and electrical components, to meet the UL 2244 Shop-Assembled Fuel Systems standard.

System Value

Your Ecostation® will retain its value over the years. Inflation related to labour and materials cost is a factor; another is the fact that the system can be relocated to another site. Also, every Ecostation® is biofuel-ready and has a lengthy predictable life span. In other words, it’s built to last. For all these reasons and more, qualified Ecostation® purchasers can obtain up to 100% financing: financial institutions see our system for the asset that it is.


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The Ecostation


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